About Us

Computer Perceptions® was established in The State of Oklahoma in January 1998. We are a family owned business. We partner with trusted internet e-commerce companies to sell products on the internet. All the companies we write web pages for have been proven to provide a safe and secure buying experience for our customers.

Computer Perceptions® purpose is to provide web hosting services, web design services, and software development to business and individuals.

We value internet and intranet security and strive to keep the internet safe and secure through secure Linux computer systems and firewalls.

We partner with PayPal.com to provide our clients with a secure and trusted internet payment method.

Computer Perceptions® is registered in The State of Oklahoma as Computers, Pets & More®

We like animal and pets, that’s why we call our company Computers, Pets & More®

Computer Perceptions is a family owned company. We are American Patriots. We raise our flag and pray for all our military personnel and their families. We are proud to be in association with our sponsor. This company sells a fine line of American Flags, Patriot Flags, and Patriot Memorabilia.