Computer Perceptions® provides a range of web design services. We utilize WordPress open source technologies for people who want a professional looking web page with a blog.

We design web pages using optimized html that is written to provide a professional appearance that is written using search engine optimization technologies. These pages also are excellent landing pages for people who use pay-per-click advertising.

We write database programs in Perl and ANSI-C for people who need a programmatic web page solution to maintain customer data.

To inquire about web design services, then please submit your needs and requirements via our Web Design Helpdesk.

Computer Perceptions® charges a base rate of $25/hr, however; after interviewing the client, we generally submit a bid.

All web page design service must be paid for in advanced. We will send you an invoice via PayPal to your email address

Legal Notice: The client assumes legal responsibility for any artwork or videos they provide in conformance to copyright laws.